Sneak Peek!

Today, we are beyond excited to give you a sneak peek at our first Dramatic Play Kit, which leaps into our store on Monday February 29.

Ready? Drumroll please! Or maybe a tuna roll?

Meet Arigato—a sushi restaurant perfect for your classroom’s dramatic play center. Why a sushi restaurant? Well, we just really like sushi. Plus, it’s likely most of the children in your classroom have never tried or heard of it before, so consider this an introduction to Japanese cuisine. Why did we call it Arigato? It’s the word for thank you in Japanese. Look at that! Your students have just learned a new word in a new language.

This beautifully designed, custom illustrated kit includes everything you need to turn your classroom into a delightful sushi restaurant with a click of the print button! Here’s what’s inside:

Educational benefits:

  • social skills
  • writing and recognizing numbers
  • world languages
  • quantifying
  • picture cues
  • fine motor skills

What’s included:

  • menu
  • sushi order forms
  • hours of operation
  • open/closed sign
  • 2 unique table tents
  • how to use chopsticks placemats
    (for righties & lefties!)

The kit drops on February 29th and we can’t wait to share it with you. It’ll be available through our website for six bucks, and your purchase gets you a DRM-free digital download that you can print in the classroom whenever you need.

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