Welcome to Chalkboard & Canvas!

CC Portrait


We are SO excited to be starting our blog and our brand new business and we can't wait to share all of the fun ideas we have for you. But first, I want to share a little bit about ourselves so you can get to know us.

I'm Sherry... the Chalkboard in "Chalkboard & Canvas." I teach pre-K in Cincinnati and absolutely love it! Every day, I get to see bright young faces and teach them new things about the world around us. I like to think I'm a pretty creative teacher, but we all need some help sometimes and that's when I turn to the internet for help. Teaching blogs and Pinterest have become my go-tos in those situations, but as I gain more experience I find myself using them less and less and start thinking out of the box more often. I have only been teaching for four years, but it gets easier (and more fun) every day. 

My husband, Zack, is the "Canvas." He has been working as a graphic designer for four years and has had a creative mind since the day he was born. We met in high school, and I have trouble remembering a moment when he wasn't doing something creative. He has challenged my thinking and I am a better teacher and person because of it!

Together, we are Chalkboard & Canvas.